Fuel Poverty Tools

The tools developed for this website build upon the Rural Fuel Poverty Position Report, produced by CSE and EAGA Partnership Charitable Trust in 2002. The report helped define a research agenda for understanding rural fuel poverty and highlighted the key contributory factors, e.g. hard to treat homes, isolation and low take-up of benefits. More information on this project is available here.

This website features the results of CSE's research into the relationship between rural fuel poverty, HTT homes and take-up of Warm Front grants. It features the results of two separate projects, one funded by EAGA Partnership Charitable Trust and the other by the EEPfH. Please click on 'Key Findings' to find out more about the two projects and their most recent reports.

Tools available

The research has produced the following tools to help tackle HTT homes and rural fuel poverty:

  • County level maps showing the take up of Warm Front grants (only covers the regions served by Eaga during Warm Front Phase 1)
  • County level maps showing access to mains gas (England)
  • County level maps showing the incidence of solid-walled housing (England)
  • Summary tables of the incidence of HTT homes at ward and district level
  • An output area level dataset for HTT homes in England (available on request)

You can access the maps here

You can download the data by clicking on Data Download.