Finding the maps for your area

CSE has researched three of the main factors that influence the extent and nature of rural fuel poverty. In this section we have provided maps to allow you to visualise the effects of these factors on your area.

Click on the links below to find the maps for each factor.

Warm Front Grants

These maps show the take-up of Warm Front grants for the EAGA phase 1 regions (2000 to 2003) for your region or county.

Gas Connection

These maps show the proportion of postcodes connected to the main gas network for your region or county in 2003.

Solid-walled Housing

These maps show the proportion of solid-walled properties for your region or county.

Incidence of fuel poverty

This link will take you to the CSE fuel poverty indicator website. The updated indicator, based on the 2001 Census and 2003 English House Condition Survey, should be ready by late 2006. The updated indicator results will be provided at Lower Level 'Super Output Area'.

The Warm Front Grant, Gas Connection and Solid-walled maps are produced at Census Output Area level. Output Areas are small and typically contain around 125 households. They are therefore very suitable for rural analysis. Lower Level Super Output Areas typically contain around 5 Output Areas.